Rebecca (while_i_bleed) wrote in lithiumxbarbie,

Name:   Rebecca

Age:  15

Diagnosis:   Depression

Currently seeing anyone (therapists,shrinks etc):   Psychiatrist.

Hospitalizations(if any):   Once in January when I tried to overdose and got found. They're discussing re-admitting me at the moment. It won't happen.

Possible times you should have been hospitalized:   Maybe 5 or so.

Your opinion on your diagnosis, do you feel it's correct?   No. We never really talk about it really, he doens't think it will help to label my problem. I think I have some sort of paranoia/anxiety disorder, and I'm starting to feel asthough my personality can be split. I might be a hyperchondriac though.

Are you currently on medication? If so which one/s? Do you feel its working?   No. Dr L said he'd talk to my mum last week about putting me on antidepressants because I was regressing back to how I was last year, then when we got there to discuss it they both lectured me on my school work and didn't even mention medicine.

What do you expect out of this community?:    To learn a bit about other people's problems. Perhaps it will provoke some self discovery.

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Seems to be sort of dead in here.
Even I haven't checked it in a while.

But yea trying to get back to all of this. Emotionally and mentally this has been a bad year for me and I have no outlet other then this at the moment.

No insurance to go back to docs, not enough money to pay out of pocket either. So I am stuck with my own insanity for the time being.