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Name: Lola

Age: 19

Diagnosis: Bipolar...they're not sure what type it is though...sometimes they've thought it was schitzo-affective...but i think they no longer think that. so bipolar.

Currently seeing anyone (therapists,shrinks etc): yes, a psychiatrist and psychologist (therapist)...i don't call them shrinks...i think the term stems from stigma

Hospitalizations(if any): yes, 3. once when i was pyschotic, and twice for suicidal depression.

Possible times you should have been hospitalized: when i stopped eating for a couple of weeks...i was very suicidal and didn't care about myself at all. a couple of other times as well.

Your opinion on your diagnosis, do you feel it's correct? first when they told me i was "manic depressive" i thought i must be seriously "crazy" and thought all these bad things about myself because of the stigma attatched to it, i eventually got over that, because i realized the people who think bad things about people with the disorder are ignorant

Are you currently on medication? If so which one/s? Do you feel its working? yes. effexor for depression. abilify for anti psychotic. yes, better than any medicine combo has ever worked for me.

What do you expect out of this community?: a place to gain support hopefully
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