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Addictive personality and other stuff

Recently on television shows and in other sources of news they have been saying that alcoholic parents usually produce alcoholic children. I don't think that is the case actually. I think the problem is that shrinks assume that if the parent or relative has a problem that their child does as well. Even if no evidence of drug or alcohol abuse is shown. It's kind of an easy way out of diagnosis for the individual.

I also believe if someone does happen to have addictive personality that focusing on the actual addiction aspect of it can be harmful and leads to the person focusing more on the need for a substitute because everyone keeps telling them they use drugs/alcohol etc as a tool to overcome pain. If you are constantly talking about your addictions in therapy they aren't going to get any better. I think therapists should also focus on the achievements on the person and not see them as just a druggie. People are not born druggies. As for inheriting it, I don't believe that. It's much more to me than having alcoholic parents. I think I deal with aspects of my life extremely differently and at times more level headed and mature than my parents ever could.

I don't like huge dramatics. I don't prefer getting help unless I am convinced I need it. Help is not effective unless you want it. Doesn't matter what anyone else may say. Or how far down the hole they may think you are. It's all just a matter of opinion.

I've decided I'm against giving children under the age of twelve anti-depressants and other forms of medication for behavior. I think that is too early and I don't believe that the brain is developed enough nor are the drugs. We give kids adult drugs and then when they're 16 they develop tremors and all sorts of unnessasary effects. I think a kid should only be put on medication is they have a severe disorder other than depression. I think at a young age kid are more depressed over not going to the movies or their parents fighting. I think parents nowadays see medication as a substitute for communication with their children. That is unfortunate.

I also think that being a child of disfunctional parent or whatnot leads to the blame game. My parents constantly fight about which side of the family fucked up their kids more. They have yet to come to the conclusion that maybe it was their parenting?! and maybe if they weren't accusing us of using drugs or starving ourselves that we would be more keen on talking to them about our daily lives. Instead I was put on at the age of 15, 3 different anti-pyscotics ,1 mood stablizor and an anti-depressant.
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